This is the time of year when Chris and I launch into a frenzy of homemade crafty projects in preparation for the holidays. In an attempt to avoid the commercialism that can often feel overwhelmingly expensive and sometimes wasteful, I decided to use recycled materials as inspiration instead.

Handmade jewelry made from beach treasure might be a nice gift for some of the ladies I know, but now what can we do for the guys?

By Julia

2 thoughts on “Season for Caring”
  1. Hello Julia!

    My name is Genna DeGroot and I’m the Creative Director at the Post-Landfill Action Network, a national nonprofit helping college students combat waste on their campuses.

    I’m currently doing outreach for an art benefit that we’ll be hosting this coming fall called the “Art of Reuse”, which will feature artists who incorporate recovered materials or messages about waste and consumption in their work. I’ve stumbled across your website, and aside from LOVING the projects you do with students, I was very pleased to see that some of your own works “intercept the waste stream” so to speak. In particular, the earrings made from beach plastic and your driftwood wreath are quite clever and beautiful.

    I wanted to reach out and see if you would be interested in donating a piece to the fundraiser. Either way, it’s always exciting to find artists whose values align with our mission of reusing, recycling and raising awareness about waste. If you have any questions donating or the event in general, please let me know! There’s also more on our featured artists at :

    Take care, and keep creating!


  2. Aloha Genna,
    Thank you for your message and for checking out my website! I will start working on some earrings (something small to ship from Kauai) for your event.

    I appreciate your outreach and mission, and will definitely share with my students as well!

    Do I have your permission to publish your email to the comment section of my blog? I think my students would enjoy the acknowledgement and it will show how they are making a difference!

    Thanks again,

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