Recycled Magazine Bowls

Our most recent crafty Art project was to make a bowl out of folded magazine pages secured with white glue. This project introduced students to creative ways to re-use and recycle old magazines and create something 3-dimensional, functional and beautiful!

While the original objective was to create a bowl, several students stretched their imaginations and invented creative forms and unique containers!

As an introduction to the layering and 3-D construction process, I shared the contemporary artwork of Japanese artist Haroshi. Haroshi’s skateboard sculptures are similar to the magazine bowl project because they are made from recycled materials (skateboard decks), display colorful layers, and often have a functional purpose.

” I can make what I want, I can skate where I want- that’s being free. But at the same time there are risks. That’s what I think art and skate are.” -Haroshi

Magazine Mosaic

While Kapaa Middle School’s 7th and 8th grade Art students worked on the Kahu Kai Mosaic Mural project, 6th graders created a different kind of mosaic. Instead of ceramic tile, these mosaic fish are composed of small cut-up magazine images. Don’t be fooled… selecting colors, cutting pieces, and arranging them to fit perfectly took an enormous amount of concentration and patience! Currently these colorful sea creatures are decorating Kapaa Middle School’s main office.