Tiki Mask, Stoneware with low-fire glaze

Earrings, found objects & recycled beach plastic

Earrings, beach plastic & beads

Earrings, beach glass, wire, & shells

Octopus Lamp, Stoneware

Urchin Teapot, Porcelain

Driftwood Wreath, Multimedia

basket-sml.jpg< Coil Basket, Raffia, feathers, wooden beads
Ferns, Acrylic                                 Tangled Heart, Fabric discharge

Stamp Prints, Rice Paper and Guash

Container for Love, Stoneware

Wedding Vase, Stoneware with driftwood handle

Sea Turtle Sculpture, Stoneware

Moonflower Oil Lamp, Raku

Figure Study, Oil-based Clay

Figure Study (Multi-view)

Untitled Bowl, Stoneware

Untitled Bowl, Stoneware

Butterfly Bowl, Earthenware and Underglaze

Dragonfly Bowl, Earthenware and Underglaze

Untitled Bowl, Marbled Earthenware

Bowl with Seaweed design, Stoneware

Untitled bowl, Stoneware

Untitled bowl, Stoneware

Mugs, Stoneware

Cup with walnut shell design, Porcelain

Seaweed Teapot, Stoneware

Teapots, Stoneware

Mosaic Stool, Multimedia

Decorated Mask, Stoneware                                Skull, Porcelain

Lizard Mask, Stoneware                              Seal Mask, Stoneware

Raven Mask, Stoneware

Skeleton Vase, Stoneware

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8 thoughts on “My Projects”
  1. Wow! What age are your students? I teach 6th grade only 11-14year olds, and I feel my students are way behind yours! Great work. I especially enjoyed the ceramics. I teach at a 6th grade onlly school of about 500 students. I did have 300 students per year. Now my curriculum is for all year, not a semester, so I will have about 150. I am looking for a way to expand my clay project- we make clay masks now with 3 things about them and 2 gargoyle features. Loved your seal mask. Have a great next year.
    Charlene Tevis
    Wessendorff MS
    Rosenberg, Tx

  2. Love this site. Thanks for sharing your work and the art of your students.
    I am doing a totem project with high school ceramics class and have questions.
    You you be willing to share how you introduced the idea/ how you and or your students figured out the design?
    Did on student do each section? How did you piece it together? We are just in the very start of the process and have our 1st meeting next week. Would love to hear from you!
    Good work!
    Valerie Seaberg
    Jackson, Wyoming

  3. Hi Valerie, Thanks for your comment!
    I introduced this project by showing the students images of real totem poles from the Pacific Northwest and we talked about the symbolism of totem animals.

    Students worked in pairs on each section:
    1. They constructed a coiled cylinder around a section of PVC pipe so that they would all be the same diameter… (cover the pipe with newspaper first so that it slides out easily). They must also cover the cylinder and keep it moist enough to add their animal design later.
    2. Then I had them pick a totem animal out of a hat. They had to incorporate parts of the animal throughout the cylindrical design.
    3. After researching the symbolic meaning of their totem animal, they also carved related words into some of the coils. (For example a frog totem might include words such as Spring, New Life, Stability, Magic, etc.) At the time I had a couple good websites to send students to, or you could print out some material to give them.
    4. After bisque firing, we stained the cylinders with iron oxide and sponged them to create some contrast. Then refired to cone 10.
    5. Finally, we had 2 old volleyball net posts that I scavenged to slide the individual sections on to. They were SUPER heavy with cement on the bottom, but I imagine that you could create the same type of thing with other materials as well.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions, and I’d love to hear how your project turns out!

  4. Your work is amazing. I love all of the beach aspects incorporated. You should check out ARTSONIA.com for displaying your student work online. I teach High School now, but love your projects. I believe I am going to try your tiki mask idea with my ceramics students as well! Great ideas…thanks for sharing.

  5. Your work and the students’ work is s inspiring. I plead with you to share more!!

  6. I love your site. We do not offer art at our school but I would love to know how you teach the magazine cover and other projects created using computer/photoshop. Do you have handouts you are willing to share? Thanks so much!

  7. I am just coming across your website and am just starting to teach art. I have been teaching science forever and finally get to also teach my other love: art! Most of the comments and info is from a while ago. Are you still teaching? I love your art and teaching style. Thank you for sharing so widely on the web.

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