This is a sample I made to demonstrate the process of mask-making for my students. Inspiration was derived from African art, and body art from a variety of cultures. While working on this face, I was thinking about the ritual scarring practiced by many African tribes, Maori facial tattoos, and the Indian art of Mehndi. The neck coils are reminiscent of the Kayan women of Myanmar and Thailand who modify their bodies by stretching out their necks with ornamental brass coils.

By Julia

12 thoughts on “Mask”
  1. Thanks for the compliment, Katie! And thank you also for posting my link on your website… I can’t wait to check it out!

  2. i love ur mask im in the 11th grade and im doing one in ceramics do u have any ideas on a easier one that i can actually make w/ out effin it up? lol

  3. Hi Arreon, It would be hard for me to come up with an idea for your mask… you are the artist, so ultimately you have to choose something that you’re excited about. My advise is to take it step by step and just keep adding. Don’t get overwhelmed, but instead, have fun getting lost in the process. If you “eff” it up, make note of your mistakes and try again!

  4. Hi! I looked all over for an African-y mask for a school art project, and when I saw this one, I stopped and said “Wow”. It is so creative and beautiful, I just had to use it as a starting point for my mask. It is so amazing! I hope mine can be as inventive as yours was!

  5. My art teacher is doing a African theme mask and I really like this one how long did it take you to do this it is amazing and how big is it? I love your art work

  6. Thank you Kylee! From what I can recall, I think I spent a couple weeks building this mask. The face part actually fits over my “real” face, so I would say it is slightly larger than life-size.

  7. Just wondering what sort of clay you used for this beautiful mask and if you glazed or painted it after it was fired?

  8. Hi Ali, I used a cone 10 Long Beach blend stoneware with cone 10 glazes purchased through Laguna Clay Company.

  9. Good Morning . I love this mask. While through thousands of lesson plane dealing with clay and mask, this screamed out at me. I love the detail and the fact that the art work is so inclusive of different cultures. Keep up the great work. You are truly inspiring.

  10. Hi this is amazing! how did you make the mask base? Did you form it over a mould like newspaper scrunched? Did you make the base using a slab of clay rolled out..?

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