Currently I’m throwing mugs and bowls that record the movement of the pottery wheel and path of my fingers. I’m attempting to loosen up my style in favor of character over perfection. To finish the design I’ve pressed hand-made stamps into the clay. Let me know what you think!

By Julia

5 thoughts on “Work in Progress”
  1. I don’t know why you don’t have tons of comments about these! They are really nice! I like the idea of a looser style and I especially like the swirls in the middle of the bowls. I like the middle one the best. It seems like it is just settled into it’e own happy and comfortable shape.

  2. The middle one is my favorite too! Honestly, I haven’t shared my website with anyone else yet because I want to get some more “stuff” up first. I like sharing my progress with you, though, and I really appreciate all the comments. Thanks Mom!

  3. Gu! This site is a delight! Your personality really comes through with the beautiful playful border and comments inviting interaction. The mug pictured at center is AMAZING – like drinking out of swirling melted chocolate, i bet!! ahhhhhh!!! i love knowing you over time and watching your work evolve along with you, my sweet ever-so-talented sista!!


  4. O.K. , Now that I look at them again I also really like the mug on the right. It has a happy , playful attitude. HI, Lara! I just love to ‘listen in’ to your ideas on this blog! Especially since you agree with me!!! In answer to your question about the totems, the photos were taken on the way to Lakewood. You saw them a while back and wanted pictures, but they are at a busy intersection (well, busy for up here!) and it didn’t work out. Hunter helped me decide we needed to take a break on a recent trip by there. He loves his car rides but needs a little break sometimes!! Glad my camera was with me so even though they are not that big of a deal it was incentive to get the computer to agree to send attachments. love you, Mom
    PS Is there a limit to how much I can write here???

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