The final project for Kapaa Middle School Art students this year was to fold and decorate a large portfolio to carry a year’s worth of Artwork home safely. With only a few school days left, I decided to squeeze one more foundational drawing lesson in and teach the kids 2-point perspective.


Students used rulers and pencils to map out two vanishing points set on a horizon line. Together we drew a small group of cubes to which we added roofs, doors, shingles, and other features.


After sketching about 3 different house structures, we incorporated the tree and branches that support the treehouse. At this point students broke free from my step-by-step tutorials and added their own creative and unique details such as rope ladders, lanais, zip lines, hot tubs, and slides.


Due to the rushed nature of this last assignment, I don’t have many finished examples to share. Several students promised to finish what they started over the summer break. I hope they follow through on that promise because these tree houses are Treemendous!

By Julia

7 thoughts on “Treehouse in 2-Point Perspective”
  1. Really nice lesson to teach perspective. Thank you for taking teaching students how to create in perspective to a higher level!!!

  2. I like the lines in this drawing. I hope to learn about perspective drawing this year.

  3. When I saw this picture I thought it was a cool thing to draw, by teaching perspective. It really caught my eye and I thought it looked really nice.

  4. I like the tree house artwork because it’s really unique and describes the outdoors really well in my perspective. I personally think tree houses are really cool and I have always wanted one. Drawings of tree houses are also really cool. The choice of using black and white especially makes the details stand out. Well that’s all :).

  5. I want to do this because I always wanted to do a tree house drawing. I hope you will help us draw. I also want to learn how to do pottery art. Thanks, and have a nice day 🙂

  6. I like how it looks so real and how it pops out and shows all the details.

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