May 092008

I’m finally getting around to glazing some of my teapots. I like this one even better now that it’s colored… Anyone want to come to a tea party?

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  2 Responses to “Seaweed Teapot”

  1. I do… How about some black tea and a back massage? It will be your Sunday treat for being such an incredible Momma to all of our little critters!

  2. Hey, Julia! I guess I haven’t been checking this site often enough because I haven’t seen the kilns or your masks or teapot. Wow! I do, surprisingly , like the skull. The additions really add to it, too. The teapot is just beautiful! It has that kind of looser feeling that you were experimenting with on mugs. So appropriate for seaweed! The colors are really striking. Is there such thing as seaweed tea? I want to come to your tea party!!!

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