Mar 142008

Currently my classes are learning about the work of Rodin, and studying their own hands through clay. They are either sculpting two hands interacting with one another, or one hand interacting with an object. Of course I had to join in the fun.

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  1. Wow! As far as I am concerned there aren’t too many things that are better than a tree–but ceramic hands AND a tree are a fantastic combination!! And so beautifully done. . . I imagine your students really liked this project and did some cool things, especially with your work to inspire them.

  2. Thanks Momma! After the initial bisque firing, one of the pinkie fingers fell off, but nothing a little glaze can’t fix.

  3. I just wanted to comment and say how fascinating and beautiful your work is! Truly original and creative.

  4. I am an Iranian and you enjoyed sculpture and design.

  5. Hi!! it is possible to buy this sculpture!? it’s perfect!

  6. How did the student pieces turn out? I’m interested in trying a hand sculpture project with some 7-8 graders and curious how your students’ work went! Thanks from Colorado

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