Nov 202014


Kapaa Middle School art students contributed their talents by designing and painting a mural for local business, Crossfit Kapa’a. Business owner and coach, Charlotte Psailla, visited our class to talk about health, fitness, and propose her ideas for a mural.


Students were challenged to design an image that captures the essence of Kauai’s Eastside beauty, Crossfit-style fitness, and the company’s logo. They worked in teams to generate ideas and sketch rough drafts which were later reviewed, revised and refined. The final image is a combination of the best elements from each group’s proposal.


For an accurate enlargement, we projected a black and white version of the design on the wall while students painted. Beginning with underpainting and background colors, layers of color and details were added over several painting sessions. Dedicated student volunteers gave weekend hours to help complete the painting.


Student volunteers were awarded with 4 sessions of free Crossfit Teens classes. Their efforts were also celebrated during a final “mural unveiling” party with all of the Crossfit community. This was a fantastic real-world application and service learning opportunity for Kapa’a Middle School art students. Thank you Crossfit Kapa’a for partnering with our students, and for your mission “To help Kauai’s residents and visitors alike enjoy the highest level of functional fitness through a supportive community, top quality coaching, and a safe facility.”


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Jun 052012

Kapaa Middle School Art students were invited to share their creative talents as part of a “store makeover” at our local neighborhood Menehune Food Mart. We partnered with graphic designer Jackie Kanna through Life’s Choices anti-drug office. Our goal was to express a positive community-friendly message and make a healthy anti-drug proclamation to Kauai’s youth. Click here to view the press release issued by Mayor Carvalho’s office.

Derek Kawakami, State House Representative and part store-owner, jumped in right next to the kids and added his own artistic contribution!

Current statistics report that on average, boys living on Kauai drink alcohol for the first time at age 11 and girls at age 13. More shocking, Kauai County has the highest amount of alcohol-dependant and alcohol-abusing 8th graders in the state. As part of this mural project, all of the students and adults who participated took a pledge for healthy and age-appropriate use of alcohol and sealed it with a hand-print on the wall.

The day concluded with a “store-reopening” ceremony, including speeches by our state senator, county officials and the school district superintendent. There was also a traditional Hawaiian blessing plus lots of media coverage. Please come by when passing through Kapahi and check it out in person!

Scroll through the full mural below…

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Aug 212011

The Kahu Kai Mosaic Mural project was an effort by Carol Yotsuda and the Garden Island Arts Council to involve Kauai’s school-children in the beautification of Lydgate Park’s restored Kamalani Pavilion. KMS Art students took part in the creation of a ceramic mosaic that was unveiled today as the community took part in celebrating the completion of the first phase of murals to be installed.

The afternoon included picnics, theatrical performances, face painting, and live music by Mike Young and Renee Janton. Dr. John Lydgate was there to share his appreciation, along with artists, teachers, students, families, and sponsors. Special guest author Maya Soetoro was also there to introduce and autograph copies of her new children’s book “Ladder to the Moon.” Overall it was a great way to reflect on the work we’ve done and share it with the community!

Thanks again to Carol Yotsuda for involving us in this project, and also to John Wehrheim and Kapaa Middle School’s PTSA for sponsoring our mural!

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Apr 032011

Kahu Kai translates to “caring for the sea,” and is the theme for an island-wide mosaic mural project that KMS Art students participated in. The mosaic panel will be one of 24 panels (all created by school children) that will be installed as part of the newly restored Kamalani Pavilion at Lydgate Park. The original pavilion was built by volunteers in 2004, but was lost to a fire in 2007. We teamed up with the Garden Island Arts Council to sculpt local sea creatures out of clay, and then arrange them with a background of small colorful tiles to create a unified seascape mural. Kapaa Middle School students are currently working on a second mural to be displayed at our school!

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Jul 112008

For our final project in Ceramics, I collaborated with my students on two large circle paintings (details shown above). We did the same painting activity to start off the school year, so it seemed appropriate to end with a final group effort. I am really fortunate to have worked with such talented students at an amazing school. I sure will miss you La Serna High School!

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Feb 292008

These are the finished totem poles that will eventually be planted in our sculpture garden.
This is one section of a larger “totem pole” made from coils of clay and sculpted symbolic animals. I’m still working on this one as an example for my Ceramics students, who will be collaborating in groups to complete two finished 10′ poles.

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