Kapaa Middle School art students contributed their talents by designing and painting a mural for local business, Crossfit Kapa’a. Business owner and coach, Charlotte Psailla, visited our class to talk about health, fitness, and propose her ideas for a mural.


Students were challenged to design an image that captures the essence of Kauai’s Eastside beauty, Crossfit-style fitness, and the company’s logo. They worked in teams to generate ideas and sketch rough drafts which were later reviewed, revised and refined. The final image is a combination of the best elements from each group’s proposal.


For an accurate enlargement, we projected a black and white version of the design on the wall while students painted. Beginning with underpainting and background colors, layers of color and details were added over several painting sessions. Dedicated student volunteers gave weekend hours to help complete the painting.


Student volunteers were awarded with 4 sessions of free Crossfit Teens classes. Their efforts were also celebrated during a final “mural unveiling” party with all of the Crossfit community. This was a fantastic real-world application and service learning opportunity for Kapa’a Middle School art students. Thank you Crossfit Kapa’a for partnering with our students, and for your mission “To help Kauai’s residents and visitors alike enjoy the highest level of functional fitness through a supportive community, top quality coaching, and a safe facility.”


By Julia

6 thoughts on “Mural for Crossfit Kapa’a”
  1. I really like the painting that the KMS kids put together for the crossfit! Really creative! I like how everything is so bright and nice. Also the sun and flowers are super duper creative! I love how they made the ocean color too- its so cool! It’s super creative how they put the weights and squats.
    This year I hope we get to learn so many fun things that everybody did. But what I really want to learn is the clay. I want to learn how to make it, it seems like so much fun! I really wan to learn it before I go to high school. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi! I just thought this was a really cool painting. It just popped out at me because my mom and dad do crossfit too, and I really like the beach, the waves and sun.

  3. The art project I like best is the Crossfit mural. I picked it because it caught my attention with the bright colors and the beautiful pictures. I also like it because its on a beach and its amazing, cool and so relaxing and its also cool when you get to hear the shore breaks its just so amazing!!! This year I would like to make the clay castle again, because I really like play with clay and we also get to glaze it to make it more pretty, colorful and cooler looking.

  4. What is interesting is there are lots of shapes and lots of colors and I like how they drew it at the beach.

  5. I really like this type of art! I hope we get to do some waves like this, I love the background and the very nice wave.

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