Jul 112008

For our final project in Ceramics, I collaborated with my students on two large circle paintings (details shown above). We did the same painting activity to start off the school year, so it seemed appropriate to end with a final group effort. I am really fortunate to have worked with such talented students at an amazing school. I sure will miss you La Serna High School!

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  1. Julia!!!!!! WOOOOWWW This is amazing!!! I was so bummed you guys were gone when I went to visit. I actually came over to your guys’ house!!! But we’ll definately meeet soon and skate it upp!!! BEST WISHES!

  2. Oh rats! We’re bummed that we missed your visit too. Thanks for stopping by, keeping in touch and checking out our latest blogs, though!
    There are a couple pretty cool skate parks here that we haven’t tried out yet. Every time we pass by, we think of you! One of these days we’ve got to plan a trip and meet up. Any chance you’ll be in So. Cal. mid-October?

  3. MRS. SANDERL!! (miss wagner[:) its amanda! ahhhh i was just curious to see how you were doing and i typed your name in google and what do you know, it lead me to your website! it looks like everything is going so well in Hawaii!! im not saying anything mean…but we REALLY REALLY miss you over here in little whittier hahaha it feels like just yesterday that i was painting on that canvas 🙁 im soooo happy to see how well things are going in Hawaii it must be a paradise every day!! anyways, we miss you and im so glad to see you’re going on new adventures and doing really well!

    Sincerely, Amanda Calixto

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