Sep 212011

Thank you to our KMS News Crew, who produced the morning news program for Kapaa Middle School during the 1st quarter of our school year! The team is made up of the following important roles:

Director: Katie Spaethe-Peterson
Switcher: Braeden Jensen
Controller: Makayla Hirokane-Mundon
Sub: Justin Paleka
Teleprompter: Zoey Kaneakua
News Anchors: Violet Asuncion & Kahi Davis
Camera-Person: Chloe Matsuda

This news team did a fantastic job of running a reliable news show geared toward student interest, education, and entertainment. The students arrived early every morning and prepared for their program before most students were fully awake (and I was still sipping my coffee)!

Next week they will be training our 2nd Quarter news team to take over the job, and they can finally take a well-deserved break. Great job team!

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  9 Responses to “KMS Channel 6 Morning News”

  1. It was so fun being an anchor again!! Great job transitioning into our school and morning news system violet!!

  2. This was really fun! My advice for quarter 2 students is be prepared for anything! Also, be there extra early to CHECK AGAIN!

  3. this is to the next news team: dont get nervous. just enjoy the experince.

  4. Directing the announcements has been a lot of fun. This first quarter I have learned so much about technology, and I’ve got to know some really amazing people on my team. It is a bummer that it’s almost over but it was a great experience!! I love you- Makayla, Kahi, Chloe, Violet, Braeden, Zoey, and Justin!!

  5. Advice for the next group: DO NOT MESS WITH THE WIRES!

  6. That was FUN! dont wanna LEAVE….

    To next groups: lucky, you guys get NEW computers

  7. SO FUN!!! lucky next groups has new computers..!!!!!

  8. Loved being on the team! And thanx, Kahi!

  9. Really morning news crew 2 hope you enjoy the team and, as for advice, double check. Everything. Not joking.

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