Pinch Pots are almost always one of the first projects in any Ceramics class because they help students learn some of the most fundamental skills needed for both hand-building and wheel-throwing. The artist begins with a wedged ball of clay, inserts a thumb by pressing into the center, and pinches the walls of the pot while rotating and smoothing. Sounds easy? Surprisingly this takes quite a bit of practice!

Once my students had successfully created a pinch pot, I asked them to add something to it in order to add interest. That “something” was up to them (as long as there was no trapped air to create an explosion), and it was wonderful watching the original pots transform under the influence of their imaginations!

By Julia

2 thoughts on “Pinch Pots”
  1. hi i am a art lover but the cool thing is that i am only 11 years old i just love ur flower pinchpot and was wondering if u could put more pics of the flower pinchpots out of clay thanks for reading this love taylre tabor

  2. Hi Taylre,
    I think it’s wonderful that you are an Art lover at age 11! What is also neat is that the flower pinch pots you admire were made by students who are about your age (12 or 13). I will definitely keep your request in mind the next time we do this project!

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