Look closely at these skeleton bones and you’ll notice they spell a name! This crafty project has my Advisory students busy making a seasonal decoration for the classroom. The best part is they used odds-and-ends left over from my Art classes including cardboard boxes, scraps of white drawing paper, buttons, lace, ribbons and shreds of fabric.

This lesson is a great opportunity to teach students how to write in cursive (many kids don’t even know how to write their own name!). Check out Beautiful Bones for another artsy skeleton project!

By Julia

4 thoughts on “Silly Skeletons”
  1. You are simply amazing, Ms. Sanderl. We are so blessed to have you working at KMS! Fine arts is a characteristic of the BEST middle schools. Float that vision of “learning self and identity” through meaningful learning, art or otherwise….indeed a BEST school concept.

  2. Reiko,
    Your words mean a lot to me and I appreciate the time and care you dedicate to excellence! I feel very privileged to be working at a school where fine Arts is valued and supported. We are lucky to have you as our Vice Principal too!

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