These images follow the original Pottery Wheel Demo I shared back in January. It was challenging to make sure nearly 170 students each had a turn to throw considering we only have 5 wheels! Somehow we made it happen before running out of time at the end of 4th quarter. Pictured are students’ very first pottery wheel projects… great job kids!


All cups and bowls were fired to cone 5 with non-toxic food-safe glazes. There’s nothing like enoying a tasty treat from your own handmade pottery!

food safe

By Julia

2 thoughts on “Finished Pottery”
  1. What is interesting about this project is that everyone has something special about their project, some are small, some are big, some are tall, some are skinny.

    This year I hope to we have an opportunity to make something cool out of clay. One idea is for all of us to make our own cereal bowls.

  2. I would love to do some more pottery on the wheel this year and learn how to use it better. Anything on the wheel would be fun, even if it’s bowls or cups. Just some more pottery would be fun to try.

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