Cupcake Sweetness!

Colorful Cupcakes...

Sugar Mill Cupcake’s local business owner and KMS parent commissioned Kapaa Middle School Art students to create some artwork to decorate her store! This has been an ongoing side-project that several students chose to work on in their spare time and outside of class. Thank you, Westy, for providing my students with such a great opportunity to learn about the “business” side of Art, along with a fun experience painting something special!

Progress and inspiration...

Pottery Wheel Demo

I had so much fun demonstrating different throwing techniques on the pottery wheel for Kapaa Middle School Art students! Wheel-throwing is not easy to learn, but it is certainly rewarding and FUN!

Pictured above are the various forms and vessels that were the result of my “demo day.” You can also see a peek into our studio space, which is equipped with 5 pottery wheels that students will rotate on to.