Feb 212008

This porcelain teapot isn’t fired yet, but I’m leaning towards a transparent shiny glaze on the inside, and raw unglazed porcelain outside. When finished, it will be an even brighter white than pictured here.

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  1. Julia, Did you do this? It is breathtakingly beautiful!!! I love that it is all white. I’m showing Dad your site . . .

  2. I’m teaching my advanced students how to make teapots, and they all have to decorate them according to a theme. Because I have 5 classes, I ended up making 5 teapots! This is the first one to be finished, and I’m working on completing a “seaweed” one now.
    I’m still not sure what I will do with all of these pots… anyone want one? Put in your requests now!

    Mom, tell Dad to leave me a comment!

  3. hey i love your work and a teapot doesent sound to bad id take one since you have five and all………

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