This 3-dimensional relief project involved creating an abstract design using expressive lines to divide the composition, and a variety of textures to fill the spaces. Students created the center of their formal design with Copper Repousse, and continued the lines and patterns on a wide border using vibrant chalk-pastels and colored pencils.

copper details

The details above show an angled view that reveals the 3-dimensional relief pattern at the center of each design. Below you can see the finished projects, which are fairly large at 25″x25″.

Lilli Kessell & Halle Lazo
Lilli Kessell-Fay & Halle Lazo

Emily Johnson & Mia WamsleyIsaiah Sacramed & Jazmine Kaleohi
Isaiah Sacramed & Jazmine Kaleiohi

Alyssa Pinoliar & Maeghan Fostanes
Alyssa Pinoliar & Maeghan Fostanes

By Julia

5 thoughts on “Copper Tooling with Colorful Borders”
  1. These are just wonderful! I do recognize some I had the privilage to see in person. They were , I’m sure, a grand addition to the Elective Night display.

  2. Hi i love these!! What did you use to create the patina on the embossing foil? I love the look that it created!

  3. We used Liver of Sulphur to antique the copper surface, and fine steel wool to polish and brighten raised relief areas. As a final step we sealed and protected it with high gloss acrylic varnish (Liquitex). Hope that helps!

  4. Hi Julia,
    Greetings from Beijing! I just found your website and it truly is a plethora of inspiration for any art teacher out there. Thank you for sharing what you do with your middle schoolers…such gorgeous and creative projects! I must say, I am quite taken with the Copper Repousse and Pencil Color design project. Would you mind sharing the supplies needed for the Copper Repousse component, and perhaps a brief outline on the steps taken? I would love to try it out but have never worked with metal before. My website is a bit outdated, but please feel free to ask me about any art projects if you’re interested. Thanks in advance! -Aimee

  5. These are GORGEOUS! How do your students keep the colors so clean and control chalk mess?

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