Apr 122013

scratchboard 01

Students tried to capture the life-like expression and character of an animal, bird, reptile, or sea creature for this assignment. The main focus was on rending a naturalistic form using value tones created through visual texture.

scratchboard 02

scratchboard 03

scratchboard 05

scratchboard 07

scratchboard 06

Advanced students were given more creative freedom when choosing the subject for their scratchboard design, since they did a similar assignment in my class last year.

scratchboard 04

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Apr 012012

Art students finally had the opportunity to choose their own subject for this Scratchboard assignment. They were instructed to create an etched drawing that demonstrates an understanding of texture and value.

Every student began by researching a design idea on the Internet, and then created a preliminary drawing on paper. The pencil drawing was then transferred and etched into black scratchboard with sharp tools.

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May 012011

Texture was the main element that students aimed to emphasize in this artistic endeavor. The scratchboard material is made of a golden surface that is covered by a layer of soft clay and then painted with black India Ink. Using sharp utensils to scratch into the surface, students methodically revealed their golden designs to create a truly dramatic effect!

“Art is literacy of the heart.” Elliot Eisner

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