Old discarded dictionary pages served as the inspiration for these linoleum block prints. Students searched through torn out pages for words, definitions, and images to influence and inform their designs. Students also studied the works of printing masters, Albrecht Durer and Katsushika Hokusai as models of skill and innovation.


The process involved drawing, transferring, and carving a linoleum block before printing several copies of the image. Students printed water based ink on a variety of media including the original dictionary page that inspired their image. Other media included thick white drawing paper, colored papers, and greeting cards.


After the first printing session with only black ink, students experimented with different ink colors set up in stations around the classroom. With any time left over, they also added liquid watercolor paint to enhance some of their finished prints.


Part of the fun was trading images once enough copies were made. Many students were willing to share their prints, and took home a “variety pack” of greeting cards to use for special occasions.


Finally, we created origami envelopes sized to fit the printed greeting cards. Each student donated two greeting cards with envelopes to sell as a fundraiser at our Elective Family Night! Thank you to all who purchased our handmade cards in support of our Art program!


By Julia

17 thoughts on “Linocut Prints”
  1. I would love to do this project again because I thought it was creative and fun to be able to work with ink and make prints. :3

  2. I thought that the elephant one was really cool because it looks really bold compared to the others. In this class I really want to learn how to sculpt, like how they did the castles last year.

  3. I really LOVE how they use black ink to make this design. I also like hows the chicken is printed on words.
    GOOD JOB! I really love it.

  4. I really liked making this project because it was something I never did before, and that was really interesting. I really want to make linocuts again. Also thanks for teaching me to be a better artist, and inspiring me too.

  5. I like the pose of the goat and I also I like how its drawn. I hope I get to learn more about linoleum blocks in Mrs. Sanderls art class.

  6. I like the color of the jellyfish, it’s a cool drawing. I hope we do pottery this year.

  7. I really would like to learn how to draw animals like that. I really liked the goat and I like to draw in black and white.
    I would like to learn how to shadow and draw animals and I would also like to do pottery this year.

  8. I like the print of the rose on the dictionary page. The printed words make it stand out more.
    This year I want to learn how to make a clay mask and a clay owl.

  9. I think the interesting, intriguing, cool, amazing thing about this project is how the students were able to turn newspapers into incredible, beautiful art.

    I hope I get to work with clay this year. I have seen the clay sculptures in the past and I’d love to make a mask, castle or a tiki man. I’m looking forward to my 7th grade year in Mrs.Sanderl’s art class, hope it’s a fun one! 🙂

  10. I like the way the artist made the design on the Billy Goat print. This year I would like to learn more about pottery.

  11. I think we should do the block prints this year in Art. I think this style of art is cool because the image looks like it got smashed between two pages. I hope to learn about how to sketch pictures and I also want to learn on how to make a self-portrait.

  12. I found the art very interesting because of its complexity. Its very cool how it has the writing in the back of the drawing.

  13. I really loved the idea of creating black, painted images on top of the newspaper! It looks so cool and I feel like it would be super fun. I really just love the way it looks and seems… I hope to learn how to draw more realistically this year!!

  14. What I like about the printing project is that the image stands out. In my opinion it looks cool and was very fun to do last year.

    I hope we get to work with clay this year. I hope we get to sculpt something again. I am looking foward to my 7th grade year in art class.

    Rollin Stone

  15. I really liked the bird one because its a perfect shape and the wings look nice and smooth and I think the extra leaves in the background makes it pop out.
    I hope to learn lots of thing like the clay castle and the things with the cans and way more other things because it looks interesting.

  16. I like the way the ram looks best because I like the horns and how it is standing up. I also like the ram because I like to hunt. This year I would like to learn how to draw animals and other cool things.

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