Apr 112013

elective night

Families, faculty, and community members were invited to enjoy an evening to celebrate the hard work and talents of Kapaa Middle School students in their Elective classes. Basketball and square dancing kicked things off, followed by chorus and ukulele performances and delicious cookies made by Home-Ec students. The Science teachers also joined in this year with interactive labs and demonstrations for a combined event.


The Art display was enhanced this year with our purchase of professional display boards! This was an exciting development from last year when I was literally hanging artwork from the window-blinds. It was impressive, if I do say so myself!


Chris did a fabulous job with his media crew, and live-streamed the whole event on Kauai Stream. Other media included a sneak peak of the Yearbook, Computer Class projects, photography, and viewing/listening stations highlighting the GT Media students’ films.

Thank you to everyone who helped put on this fun and successful event!

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Feb 282013

Kapa’a Middle School’s Art students take on the latest viral trend. They aren’t the tamest bunch of little monsters, but they sure know how to have fun!

Be sure to check out Mr. Sanderl’s version too… CLICK HERE!

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Mar 022012

What rocks and rolls, and brings music education to people all over Kauai? It’s the BANDWAGON! KMS Media students are in for a wild ride as this mobile music machine takes us on an adventure with the destination to create Kapaa Middle School’s first school song! Students will have the opportunity to learn the technical side of music production in addition to writing, performing, and recording a song that celebrates our school.

Jeremy Hartshorn, the “Wagoneer” for the Bandwagon, is a professional songwriter, music instructor, and producer. Please show your support by checking out his website and spreading the word! If you live on Kauai and are interested in music instruction, “Mr. J” is your man!

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Feb 162012

Rumor has it that Kapaa Middle School’s Elective Night was the best school event of the year thus far! We packed the house with students, parents and faculty who came in support of our elective classes. The evening’s events included a television broadcast demonstration and introduction from our G.T. Media students, choral and ukulele performances, a gallery of student artwork on display, delicious cookies made by our Home Economics students, videos and graphic design by the G.T. Media class, a “Doodle Wall” art activity, and a silent Art Auction.

A special thanks to our PTSA for supporting our programs and helping to organize the Art auction! The money we earned will go towards purchasing more art supplies for our growing Art classes!

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Dec 042011

Check out Kapaa Middle School G.T. Media students’ final magazine cover project! Students learned graphic design skills including digital photography, page layout, and Adobe Photoshop editing. The final designs are as unique as the individuals who produced these creative and personal compositions!

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Nov 062011

Click the image above to see video I made that promotes each elective class at Kapaa Middle School. You’ll get a sneak peek into the KMS elective classrooms! As elective teachers, we like to provide fun, hands-on, real-world learning experiences that also support the core curriculum. Enjoy!

Note: Registration for next year is happening this month… please see the calendar for specific dates.

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Oct 022011

Gifted and Talented students have been working hard on their digital portfolio cover assignment. They are starting with a digital self-portrait created in Adobe Photoshop (shown above) and will later add text to create a final magazine cover that is all about them!

1st year GT students are drawing digital contour portraits on the computer, that they will later fill in with color. Aukai’s drawing is a fantastic example of how students incorporated an element of technology (in this case the camera) in their portrait.

My 2nd-year students are creating their portraits using the influence of contemporary artists Chuck Close and Natalie Irish. Chuck Close creates large-scale portraits using a thumbprint as his paintbrush, while Natalie Irish renders life-like iconic portraits with her lipstick kisses. If you look closely at Kahiwa’s portrait, you will notice that it is created from kisses!

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Sep 212011

Thank you to our KMS News Crew, who produced the morning news program for Kapaa Middle School during the 1st quarter of our school year! The team is made up of the following important roles:

Director: Katie Spaethe-Peterson
Switcher: Braeden Jensen
Controller: Makayla Hirokane-Mundon
Sub: Justin Paleka
Teleprompter: Zoey Kaneakua
News Anchors: Violet Asuncion & Kahi Davis
Camera-Person: Chloe Matsuda

This news team did a fantastic job of running a reliable news show geared toward student interest, education, and entertainment. The students arrived early every morning and prepared for their program before most students were fully awake (and I was still sipping my coffee)!

Next week they will be training our 2nd Quarter news team to take over the job, and they can finally take a well-deserved break. Great job team!

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May 122011

GT Media students were introduced to the Pop Art movement that emerged in the 1950s in Britain and the United States. They were challenged to analyze, interpret, and compare works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Jasper Johns, and other like-minded artists. The common Pop Art themes involving fashion, film stars, music, comics, and youth culture proved to be both intriguing for these middle schoolers as well as perplexing. Why would an artist print the same simple image of soup cans over and over (and why would people pay big money for them)? What is the point of building a giant sculpture of a spoon?

In addition to the verbal discussions and written critical responses that were assigned, the students also created their own “Warhol-esque” portraits using digital photography, computer manipulation, and colorful ink pens.

“An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.” Andy Warhol

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Oct 122010

The Gifted & Talented Digital Media Class is an opportunity for bright and motivated students to work with the school’s most advanced equipment. 6th, 7th, and 8th graders work as a team to broadcast the Morning News for all of Kapaa Middle School, create High Definition movies and animated films, document school events through photography, and edit their projects to create professional-looking end-products. I really enjoy the playful and eccentric personalities in the group, along with this unique experience teaching digital art.

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